Here's how to grab your share of the Periscope Audience!

As Long As you Own A Smartphone And A Twitter Account, You're Good To Go.

This is a series of full video tutorial course guiding you on how to utilize Periscope as a medium of sales booster to your online business.

How it can help you to boost your traffic? You need to see this:

Overview - What is Periscope? Periscope is basically a live streaming mobile application that was purchased and developed by Twitter in early 2015. It allows users to share their lives and events in real time whenever they are, whatever they are doing.

Why you Should Care About Periscope - Perhaps you have known Periscope since the first day of its debut. But you just haven't put much thought about this for growing your business. I will list down a reasons and explanation in details why you should care about this more than anything else for the moment.

Getting Started Walkthrough With Periscope - Getting started is always the hardest part when you wish to begin something new. Especially on something you're not familiar with. Put your worries aside, I will guide you well throughout the whole training course.

In Depth Dashboard Walkthrough - In order for you to utilize Periscope more effectively, I will give you a walkthrough on the dashboard. You will understand it in depth without spending much time to explore it alone.

Tips To Follow Before Your Broadcast - Before boradcasting your real time event, there are a few tips you should follow to maximize the benefits for your business. Preparation can help you to leave a positive impression and images for your prospects.

Tips For The Actual Broadcast - Actual broadcast is the most important part when using Periscope. You can't afford to make huge mistake because everything you're going to do and tell is lived. But don't feel pressure, I will provide the best method for you to follow.

Tips For After The Actual Broadcast - Should you just do nothing after the broadcast? Absolutely no! You need to do something for your business even after the broadcast. I will guide you through step-by-step so that you can maximize the business effect Periscope is going to have.

Growing Your Periscope Audience - You should grow your Periscope audience in order to grow your sales and your customer base. I will teach you how to make more people to know and trust you so that your business can grow larger.

Ways To Monetize Periscope - There is not only one way to earn profits from Periscope. I will teach you other ways to monetize Periscope to boost your sales.

Let's Get To The Videos...

Video #1 - Overview

Video #2 - Why you Should Care About Periscope

Video #3 - Walk Through With Periscope

Video #4 - In Depth Dashboard Walk Through

Video #5 - Tips To Follow Before You Broadcast

Video #6 - Tips For The Actual Broadcast

Video #7 - Tips For After The Broadcast

Video #8 - Growing your Periscope Audience

Video #9 - How To Monetrize