This is a complete guide of the SEO and traffic generation strategies that has worked like crazy, and now you can have the same traffic domination strategies all the I.M. Rockstars use to drive targeted visitors to their sites cash in hand!

This powerful video series holds many keys to generating loads of traffic.

What I am showing you here is the "step by step" methods that I and many others use to generate traffic rockstar domination.

Video #1 - An Introduction To The System - An introduction to the system. By the end of this video we will lay out the Traffic Rockstar Domination Course to get you started on the way to server busting traffic.

Video #2 - Visitors...Or Targeted Traffic - An explanation of the difference between visitors to your site and targeted traffic. Why you need targeted traffic and just not visitors to your site...and more impotantly, how to find them !

Video #3 - The Concept Of On Site SEO - The concept of on site SEO stategies. The things that you need to do on your website or blog BEFORE you send it live, to get it indexed by the search engines lightening fast, and get the targeted traffic you want !

Video #4 - Driving Targeted Traffic With Article Marketing - The importance of having a presence on the web, is not by having a site alone. Article marketing is a cost effective and proven method to generate the exact people you want to see your offers. In this video we tell you why its important in driving the right visitors to your sites, and how to do it easily.

Video #5 - The Importance Of Social Bookmarking - Digg, Furl, Technorati. What do these and other sites like these have in common? They get massive amounts of targeted traffic everyday. In this video you will learn the imporance of trading on these sites for your own targeted traffic in push button simplicity !

Video #6 - How To Build A Network Of Sites - If you have only one site generating some traffic, in this video we show you how to build a network of sites that will not only increase your web presence, but help your targeted traffic to find all of them !

Video #7 - Viral Marketing With Videos - Video marketing is not the future, it is the present, and the future ! Its no surprise that the likes of You Tube generate huge amounts of traffic. People love videos and they are becoming search engines in their own right. Learn how to market videos virally to generate huge profits.

Video #8 - Social Media and Networking - Social Media is hot ! People are spending all their time connecting and networking on their favourite sites such as facebook and twitter. Learn how you can do it too for massive profits.

Video #9 - Targeted Advertising - Take a shotgun approach to your advertising and you will get a limited response. Learn how to advertise directly to your target market, by sending targeted advertisng in the right places and style for your niche.

Video #10 - Forum Marketing - You will learn where and how to find the forums where people hang out in your niche and learn the marketing strategies that will turn them into rabid buyers !

Video #11 - Directory Submission - Why this is important and learn how to submit your site to the directories that will get your site seen, over and over again!

Video #12 - Blog Comments For Backlinks - How to find relevant blogs in your niche and the strategies of providing valuable comments that will get you approved and get you instant backlinks to your site !

Video #13 - Outsourcing Your Traffic Generation - By now Im sure you realise there is alot involved in getting targeted traffic. So why not concentrate on the things you are best at and outsource all or some of your traffic generation to the experts, for pennies on the dollar. Learn the outsource secrets that will save you time and money.

Video #14 - The Wrap Up - An overview of all we have learned and the steps you need to take action to generate a mountain of targeted traffic !

Let's Get To The Videos...

Video 1 - Introduction to the System:

Video 2 - Visitors or Targeted Traffic:

Video 3 - The Concept of on Site SEO:

Video 4 - Driving Targeted Traffic With Articles:

Video 5 - Build a Network of Sites:

Video 6 - Importance Of Social Bookmarking:

Video 7 - Viral Marketing With Videos:

Video 8 - Social Media and Networking:

Video 9 - Targeted Advertising:

Video 10 - Forum Marketing:

Video 11 - Directory Submissions:

Video 12 - Blog Comments and Backlinks:

Video 13 - Outsourcing Your Traffic Generation:

Video 14 - Wrap Up: